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We are a purpose driven organisation, and we believe this is what distinguishes us from others.

Explore a career in Home Care Services

Our Home Care Services are custom designed support programs that enable our clients to live independently in their own home.

Our purpose is to help people thrive and we believe that by partnering closely with our clients and local community, delivering quality services and supporting the ongoing training and development of our staff, our clients get the most out of life!

Who we are

We've been in Australia a long time—in fact, Australian Unity is one of the nation's oldest mutual companies.

Our heritage goes back more than 175 years to the establishment of Manchester Unity in Victoria and South Australia on 7 December 1840. To help put that into perspective, that's before the birth of bushranger Ned Kelly and before Aussie Rules Football was even invented!

We trace our origins to a pub in Melbourne where a group of eight people formed a friendly society with the goal of looking after the health and wellbeing of its members. Fast forward to today and we employ more than 7,500 people providing health, wealth and living services to around one million Australians.

Despite our growth and changes in some of the things we do, our focus is the same as it was more than 175 years ago: to serve and enhance the wellbeing of our members, our customers and our community.

Our purpose, values and culture

Our Purpose

We are here to help people thrive in the areas of health, wealth and living. We enable customers to live independently in their own home by tailoring support in consultation with customer needs, funding program budget and provisions.

Our Values

In everything we do, we’ll be bold, warm, and honest to help our people thrive.

When we are Bold we think big, think it through, have a go, do it well, and keep learning.

When we are Warm, we care about people, welcome difference, inspire each other, understand our customers, and make people smile.

When we are Honest we talk straight, do what we say, earn trust, take responsibility and strive to do what’s right.

Our Culture

At Australian Unity we believe that the positive culture of our organisation is the key to our capability to deliver products and services that provide community value and help people thrive.

Our desired culture is one where we aspire to truly understand the needs of our customers, residents and the community.

We also focus on stretching and experimenting so we can deliver the best possible products and services for the future. We focus on trust and building accountability and work to maintain our emphasis on achieving our best outcomes.

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