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A powerful combination

Australian Unity

At Australian Unity, we combine the strengths of in-house expertise and specialist joint venture partnerships to offer a truly diverse range of investment solutions.

The 'strengthened by' symbol is designed to endorse Australian Unity’s boutique fund managers, highlighting a level of support and stability that others in the market just don’t have. Our distinctive partnership model preserves the entrepreneurism, independence and flexibility of a boutique investment house, while providing the professionalism, support and resources of a major corporation with a long-term focus.

Through our in-house expertise, Australian Unity offers real estate, cash, fixed interest and tax smart investments. And through our joint venture partnerships, we offer expertise in Australian and microcap equities investments.


Acorn Capital

Acorn Capital our joint venture partner was one of the pioneers of the Australian microcap market and has one of the largest and most experienced microcap share investment teams in Australia. 


Altius Asset Management

Our in-house specialist Cash and Fixed Interest team (Altius), whose broad capability includes relative and/or absolute returns, sustainable investing and managing interest rate, credit and liquidity risk.


Platypus Asset Management

Platypus Asset Management our joint venture partner is a true-to-label growth manager, specialising in Australian equities. Platypus’ sole investment focus is to generate superior returns for investors. Platypus currently offers two key strategies, including a high conviction true-to-label growth fund and a low cost systematic growth fund.

Federation Alliance logo

Federation Alliance

Federation Managed Accounts is a contemporary investment and superannuation administration platform that enables investors and advisers to construct a diversified portfolio in line with individual goals and objectives. Federation offers a unique equity-sharing opportunity for investors to participate financially in Federation Alliance and its future strategy.

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